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An “honorable player” is a man, who is defined as follows:

“The honorable player is a lover of women in every sense of the word. He loves, desires and respects women fully and wants to create exciting memories and adventures with the women in his life.

The honorable player shows up in this world as authentically and honest, as he can. He never hides his intention and love for women – he lives in full expression of his sexuality and love for women. He believes in romance and love. He is always looking to create the best memories possible with the people in his life, and he is determined to always leave women better off than he found them.

An honorable player seduces with honesty, vulnerability and sexual expression. He seduces – and is seduced by – the beauty of women and his desire for women.

The honorable player feels no need to validate himself to others, so he won’t kiss and tell. He feels no need to brag about his exploits, nor does he need to prove a point to women and least of all to himself. He is at peace with himself and lives life on his own terms. He is on adventure of his own choosing and has decided to never again live by other peoples standards.

The honorable player is a leader in his life – in every sense of the word.”

On this blog, you will find lifestyle related advice from the perspective of the Honorable Player. This blog is meant to be a resource for inspiration and ideas – not teachings. Use, what you can use and discard what you can’t. I am a very open minded person, so please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the blog posts themselves! I read through every comment myself.

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I hope you enjoy this blog and get a lot of value out of it!


Andreas Jacobsen

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